Expotan S.A. is one of the most dynamic greek fur processing companies.

20 years
of experience and counting…

Expotan S.A was established in 1995, having as a vision and aim to provide unique services and products, which meets the high demands of the companies and the final consumers. On a private owned ground of 8000 sqm, having modern equipment, German know-how and well-trained human resources, Expotan S.A. has the largest production capacity (3.5 million skins per year) in Europe.

A perfect partner

This dynamic combined with a high expertise makes the company the most reliable partner. At the same time, the continuous investments in research and new processing techniques have led to the development of innovative products and unique production methods in the world.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

For this reason, the company’s products carry the internationally recognized certification OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Expotan S.A. is globally the only fur processing company that carries this certification, which through continuous controls consists a guarantee for the consumer and the company. This certificate and other technological innovations, such as the recycling system, brand the company as a predominantly “green company”, model for the environmental protection measures and regulations that applies.

High standards

The high standards of our company, dictate that every product, does not only conforms with the regulations, but exceed every expectation of our ever-increasing clientele. Expotan S.A. after 20 years of activation in this sector has gained a leading role, covering the requirements of its customers in European and global level.