We provide special services, about fur fashion trends

Our company provides specialized services to all its costumers providing dated information for the new fashion trends, processing techniques etc. The center of our company is the costumer and his needs, which are stressed and promoted.


We have extensive expertise in dressing the following types of skins: mink, astraccan, cat lynx, lynx, silver fox, blue frost, blue fox, chinchilla and tsopel. The high technology in combination to the know-how and the excellent quality of the b’ materials, guarantees the excellent quality of the dressed skins.


We provide a collection with many colors, for every type of skin, which is constantly updated according to the trends that fashion dictates. We also have the ability to customize our services according to the clients needs. Our collaboration with the best chemical companies in combination to the well-trained staff leads to the production of inedible, non-toxic and bright colors. Very unique is the service that we provide to our customers to re-dye their skins, renewing their stored skins.


Our state of the art equipment in combination with the training, experience and the passion of the staff, guarantee the excellence of the produced product, without defects. We have a unique expertise in the haircut of Casmir type. Our production is characterized by the emphasis placed to every detail based on our approach for excellence.


Though the reinforcing process, we produce high quality leather with deep natural color and contrast, without the use of dyestuffs. The final product retains its natural character and primary elasticity.


The black color is a time value in the field of fur. Expotan S.A. has developed unique methods for black coloring by the following procedures:


This procedure is used to Mutation, Scanglow and Scanbrown skins, that gives intense black color with high lightfastness and light leather side.


This procedure is used to all skin types, especially in long hair skins and gives the ability to produce a dark black color with high lightfastness. This technique has excellent results in skins re-dyeing.


This procedure is used to Black and Mahogany mink types, with amazing results in black color. It amazingly improves discolored guard hair while an astonishingly natural black color with white natural leather contrast between the underwool and the guard hair is achieved.


The bleaching procedure is done through the following techniques:


We guarantee the production of skins without yellow spots.


We ensure better contrast by underwool bleaching.


Through specific techniques we ensure the dying of the underwool while keeping the guard hair natural. The procedure of Snow Top bleaching in combination to a large collection of dyeing has as a result the creation of wide variety products that are of great demand from the customers.


This technique allows the bleaching of the skins only on specific parts or to the whole of the the skin, without losing the natural character of the back. The combination of this technique with a wide range of colors has amazing results in color with natural character.


A technique suited for Black Casmir skins that achieves perfect black color.


This procedure is used in White, natural or bleached skins. As a result we produce light; clean, free of yellowish shades skins on neutral white color.


We use this procedure in Sapphire, Silver and Blue Iris skins. The result is the creation of strong contrast between the underwool and the guard hair avoiding yellowish shades and creating an astonishing final product


We can print stamp on all the types of skins. The costumer can choose among our large collection of stamps or any stamp that our client wants. We also provide the ability to create stripes in many colors and drawings by airbrush.